Modular, customisable storage & rolling tray

Starting at $75

A nesting box design with a divided organizer for holding loose dice, spell cards and pencils and a leather lined dice rolling tray. These two sections snap together with magnets. 

IMG 3606

Closed for transport & storage

IMG 3598

Back panel of lid/rolling tray has magnets for snapping to organizer and for attaching an optional Phylactery dice box

IMG 3604

Rolling tray and organizer ready to snap together

IMG 3601

Ready for a gaming session

Optional Organizer Inserts - customize the compartments of the organizer

IMG 3605

Organizer inserts - pen, mini & dice not included (of course)

IMG 3607

Pen Slot - hardwood veneer, leather liner - $10

IMG 3608

Dice Hive - hex cut foam divider, leather liner - $10

IMG 3609

Mini Vault - soft Pick-N-Pluck foam squares can be removed to customize storager for one or two minis. Leather lined. - $10

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