Munich Type XVIIIb.... $1650

This sword is inspired by the beautiful long sword in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum in Munich, Germany, that Peter Johnsson has documented thoroughly (an exact recreation of that sword will be a future offering in the Museum Line).

Though not as ornate as its inspiration, this sword will share the same general look, feel and performance of that original, which Peter described as

"...a marvellous sword it is! I should think one of the absolute best, all categories. Weight, balance, character, looks: everything is outstanding and just perfect. A sublime sword."

This edition is available in three models - one with a "Gothic" leather and wire wrap, one with a period half-wire wrap, and one without. There are slight differences in the performance statistics of the sword for each version, as noted below.

Some customers like to place period coins, religious symbols or heraldry markers inside the pommel recess. The dimension of the recess are: width: 0.85", depth: 0.292".