Castellan Type XVa.... $1085

This sword is inspired by a sword in the Castillion find, dated from the middle of the 15th C.

It is a short and handy hand and a half sword with a very stiff blade, primarily for thrusting, but pretty decent for cutting as well.

The pommel is a variant of type V and cross is a short and straight style 11. To me this sword is a very beautiful XVa sword.

I have handled two swords from the Castillion group that had the very same cross as this one, and was impressed by the precision and care by which they were made: an awesome fit and dynamic shape that is no where close to the impression you get when seeing photos of the same swords. When you handle these swords they are very ready in your hand.

One of the quickest types there is, as it follows your intentions at quicksilver-like speed. Because of the very narrow point, the spine can be made quite thick without the blade becoming cumbersome. This makes for superior stiffness and a very effective thrust.